Lula Belle’s Big Battersea Adventure

This colorful, fun book was written to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the construction of Historic Battersea in Petersburg. As you read, you will not only experience Lula Belle’s visits to Battersea, but you will follow her on a grand adventure of exploring the history of Petersburg. Children and adults of all ages will delight in the antics of Lula Belle, an eight-year-old Shih Tzu pup, who along with her new feline pal, journeys to some of Petersburg’s most iconic sites. 

Written by Kimberly Ann Calos and illustrated by the UK’s Phil Lewis, this book benefits the ongoing renovations and operations of Battersea Foundation’s Battersea Villa.

For a mere $20 donation, you can give a gift that will be treasured by young and old alike. There are a limited number of copies so get yours now at any Battersea Foundation event or at Petersburg Pickers, 110 Guarantee Street, Petersburg, VA, open 9 – 5 every Friday & Saturday.


Lula Belle is the fur baby of Battersea Foundation’s Executive Director, Toni Clark.