Battersea: A Hidden Treasure

Celebrating 250 Years & Counting!


In 250 years, America has declared independence, established the oldest enduring written constitution, fought a Civil War testing that constitution, become first in flight, survived two World Wars, a Cold War, superseded racial segregation, and put man on the moon.

In that same span of 250 years, Battersea has stood as a testament to American culture, history and perseverance. Built in 1768, by the American patriot Colonel John Banister, Battersea encapsulates the early beginnings of our country and America’s future successes with its own architectural grandeur and historical longevity. This year we celebrate Battersea’s 250th anniversary and all that it represents. Come celebrate with us.

 “Battersea is a remarkable place. That such an important colonial house survives into the 21st Century is a remarkable feat in and of itself. John Banister’s role as the first Mayor of Petersburg, a Revolutionary delegate, a Congressman and a signer of the Articles of Confederation speak to the national importance of the events that took place within these walls and on this land.”

–David J. Brown, Executive Vice President for the National Trust for Historic Preservation



The mission of Battersea Foundation is to preserve historic Battersea and offer educational, artistic and cultural experiences that inform, enrich and inspire the public



Battersea Foundation is a non-profit organization in Petersburg, Virginia.  The Foundation’s mission is to preserve Historic Battersea and offer educational, artistic and cultural experiences that inform, enrich and inspire the public. The events held at Battersea offer the perfect opportunity to continue moving forward fulfilling this mission. Historic Battersea is an 18th century Palladian Villa located on the Appomattox River in Petersburg’s west end.  The Villa was built in 1768 by Col. John Banister, the first Mayor of Petersburg, a Revolutionary delegate, a Congressman and a signer of the Articles of Confederation.   Battersea is an excellent example of Palladian style architecture, receiving national attention for its beauty and importance.