Battersea: A Hidden Treasure

Celebrating 250 Years & Counting!





If it had been a “normal” year, Battersea would have been a beehive of activity, from weddings to the Virginia Opera to the Antiques Show and Historic Trades Fair to the Oyster Roast to the Holiday Homes Tour to groups visiting the historic home of Col. John Banister. 2020 has been anything but “normal”. We have had to cancel or postpone all of our events.


In order to support our continuing need to restore and maintain Battersea, we are featuring two exciting fund-raising projects for the end of the year!

We at Battersea sincerely thank you for your help during this difficult time.




Battersea is giving donors a chance to win one of three vacation packages with each $25 donation! Only 300 tickets will be available!
First prize is a seven-night stay for up to four people at Villas Vista del Sol in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! This beautiful condo facing the Pacific Ocean is in the trendy “Zona Romantica” with its cobblestone streets, world-class dining, and charming boutiques. The confirmed date is April 17 – 24, 2021, but an alternate date would be possible based on availability.
Second prize is a two-night stay and breakfast for two at the Hilton Garden Inn, 1225 First Street NE, Washington, DC! That is in the heart of the nation’s Capital! Valid through 10/31/2021.
Third prize is a two-night stay and breakfast for two at the Hilton Garden Inn, 111 Carolina Crossroads Pkwy, Roanoke Rapids, NC! This city is the home of the Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park, the world’s largest collection of endangered waterfowl! Valid through 10/31/2021.
To make your donation and receive your ticket, please call 804-732-9882. 
The winners will be drawn at Battersea on December 12, 2020 at 12:00 NOON. You do not have to be present to win. 


Between November 15 and November 30, you will have the chance to bid on some terrific items in Battersea’s Online Holiday Auction! There will be low starting bids, and the auction will feature furniture, a wine tasting, “stop and drop” meals, a cake of the season, tours and activities, the use of Battersea as an event center, artwork, photography, gift cards, antiques, collectibles, Holiday items and much, much more.


& Auction Preview

Sunday, November 15
11am – 2pm
Come see the renovations and look at auction items on display. Please wear mask and social distance while at Battersea.
Bid Online at
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In 250 years, America has declared independence, established the oldest enduring written constitution, fought a Civil War testing that constitution, become first in flight, survived two World Wars, a Cold War, superseded racial segregation, and put man on the moon.

In that same span of 250 years, Battersea has stood as a testament to American culture, history and perseverance. Built in 1768, by the American patriot Colonel John Banister, Battersea encapsulates the early beginnings of our country and America’s future successes with its own architectural grandeur and historical longevity. This year we celebrate Battersea’s 250th anniversary and all that it represents.

 “Battersea is a remarkable place. That such an important colonial house survives into the 21st Century is a remarkable feat in and of itself. John Banister’s role as the first Mayor of Petersburg, a Revolutionary delegate, a Congressman and a signer of the Articles of Confederation speak to the national importance of the events that took place within these walls and on this land.”

–David J. Brown, Executive Vice President for the National Trust for Historic Preservation



The mission of Battersea Foundation is to preserve historic Battersea and offer educational, artistic and cultural experiences that inform, enrich and inspire the public



Battersea Foundation is a non-profit organization in Petersburg, Virginia.  The Foundation’s mission is to preserve Historic Battersea and offer educational, artistic and cultural experiences that inform, enrich and inspire the public. The events held at Battersea offer the perfect opportunity to continue moving forward fulfilling this mission. Historic Battersea is an 18th century Palladian Villa located on the Appomattox River in Petersburg’s west end.  The Villa was built in 1768 by Col. John Banister, the first Mayor of Petersburg, a Revolutionary delegate, a Congressman and a signer of the Articles of Confederation.   Battersea is an excellent example of Palladian style architecture, receiving national attention for its beauty and importance.