The Foundation

In Loving Memory of Barbara P. Moseley

A champion of Battersea and a tireless supporter of our community as a whole, Barbara P. Moseley passed away on Saturday, January 14, 2012. Barbara came to Petersburg more than thirty years ago, and not long after she fell in love with Battersea. She had been involved with the preservation and restoration efforts throughout, and served as the President of the Battersea Foundation Board. Barbara’s passion for the villa and its grounds, and vision for its future helped to guide the Foundation forward with great momentum since it was established in 2006.

Barbara was honored in 2010 with the Foundation’s Vangard Award for Outstanding Service in support of the Foundation’s mission. Vice President, John Zeugner presented the award, and noted, “There have been many at Battersea who have shared our vision, but there is always one or two who rise above, who make it seem effortless, who inspire others to reach for the top. Barbara has seen first-hand the benefits when everyone pulls together for a common cause.”

We offer our deepest sympathies to her family and friends throughout Virginia and across the country. May the light she carried in her heart shine on through each of us now and for many generations to come.


Battersea Foundation

The Battersea Foundation Board’s mission is to preserve historic Battersea and offer educational, artistic and cultural experiences that inform, enrich and inspire the public. The Foundation is composed of 18 Directors with a consulting Technical Advisory Panel that provides assistance and expertise to the organization.

Foundation support for programs and initiatives is provided by individual gifts, foundation funding, corporate support, and annual and special initiative giving efforts.