Battersea Purchase

Petersburg City Council and Battersea Foundation celebrated the transfer of the ownership of historic Battersea on June 14, 2011 as the Foundation purchased Battersea, wrapping up the first year of the “Securing Battersea” capital campaign. This signifies a bright future for the nearly 250-year-old Anglo-Palladian villa and accompanying buildings on the 30+ acres on the Appomattox River. As stewards of the property, the Foundation will continue to move forward with its mission to preserve and protect this historic property, and develop the grounds as a resource to the community for educational and cultural enrichment. Your support and commitment helped us reach this milestone in Battersea’s history and we thank you.

Photo at Right: Sandy Graham shared the vision for Battersea’s future by restoring the villa and outbuildings, and discussing the plans for a learning center for restoration.

Featured above from left to right: Vice Mayor Webb, Mayor Moore, Councilman Pritchett, Councilman Coleman, Board of Directors President Sandy Graham, Councilwoman Smith, City Manager David Canada, Councilman Myers.


Jimmy Blankenship, noted historian with the National Park Service and Petersburg Battlefields held the crowd’s attention as he shared humorous bits of history surrounding Battersea.

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Battersea Foundation is committed to the restoration of Battersea, one of the finest Anglo-Palladian examples of American history today. Virtually unchanged from its beginnings in the late 1700s, the villa retains its original, elaborate Chinese lattice stair, considered to be the finest example in Virginia. This historic site also boasts a rare and significant one-story brick structure on its grounds, the orangery. Often mistaken for a garage, this is possibly the oldest standing orangery in Virginia. On the 30+ acres that surround Battersea, you’ll find other outbuildings of interest.

The stabilization and restoration of Battersea begins with the villa. Currently, work is on-going to preserve and repair the stucco.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Restoration Log.


If you would like to learn how you can help support our restoration efforts, please contact us at 804.732.9882  or by email at


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