Battersea’s primary focus of education and enrichment showcases workshops, seminars, lectures, and special events to inform the local, regional and national community about the significance of Battersea in the areas of history, archaeology, architecture and botany.

As we unveil our offerings for this year, we hope you take advantage of the depth of experience provided by our presenters and formats. We look forward to your participation in our Leisure and Learning Series – Life on the Lawn.

Some of the offerings on tap for Battersea are:

  • Restoration and repair techniques
  • The Big Deal with History
  • The Skies over Battersea and the Richmond Astronomical Society
  • Revolutionary War Re-Enactment
  • Art and History
  • See How Our Gardens Grow
  • Garden Parties
  • How To Handle Historic Tax Credits
  • Waterways, Watersheds and The Appomattox River
  • Cool Digs in partnership with Sycamore Rouge
  • Mainstage production of summer season staged at Battersea by Sycamore Rouge
  • Medicine and Militia in History
  • Kids Camps (week-long series focused Tuesday – Friday on history, botany, agriculture, leisure to include full use of grounds)
  • What’s In Your House and What it Would Tell Others About You (what did families buy, a sneak peek at their libraries, art, amusements of history’s recognized figures and landmarks)
  • The Changing World of Preservation
  • Christmas and Holiday Tours
  • Signature Fundraisers
  • Special Events for Battersea with Community Organizations
  • Ghost Stories
  • Wine festivals
  • Business after-hours opportunities
  • Neighborhood get-togethers and socials